Fall 23-Spring 24

Fall 2023-Spring 2024

6/9/2023 Dr. Fernando Gómez  (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) 

Presentation: Platform Liability 

4/10/2023 Dr. Ignacio Cofone (McGill University) 

Presentation: Certifying Privacy Class Actions (forthcoming Harvard Journal of Law & Technology (2024)). Paper      available upon request

18/10/2023 Eva Nave (Leiden University) and Dr. Lottie Lane (University of Groningen) 

Presentation: Countering online hate speech: How does human rights due diligence impact terms of service?

08/11/2023 Dr. Michael Denga (Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg) 

Presentation: Certification of AI  

06/12/2023 Dr. Joanna Mazur (University of Warsaw) 

Presentation: European data protection law as a regulatory framework governing data sharing

10/01/2024 Jie Ouyang (University of Groningen) 

    Presentation: Reframing the legal image of consumers: towards a     constitutional recalibration of consumer protection

07/02/2024 Dr. Marta Cantero  (University of Tartu, EUI) 

Presentation: revisiting self-regulation and contract      governance in the platform economy

06/03/2024 Dr. Maximilian Kiener (Hamburg University of Technology)

Presentation: Sharing Responsibility Across Networks

03/04/2024 Nesli Şen Özçelik (MEF University, Istanbul)

Presentation: Smart Contracts 

08/05/2024 Dr. Adi Stoykova (University of Groningen)

Presentation: A New Right to Procedural Accuracy for Digital Evidence in Criminal Proceedings

05/06/2024 Rachel Griffin (Science Po Law School)

Presentation: Platform governance and human rights; digital services act 


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